Wacky… But True, August 28th

An asteroid listed as “potentially hazardous” by NASA and estimated to be about the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza is hurtling toward Earth at 20,000 mph. But don’t cancel any plans yet. The giant space rock, known as 2016 NF23, measures between 230 feet by 525 feet in diameter and is expected to make a “close approach” to Earth tomorrow (Wednesday, August 29th). NASA says NF23 will come within three million miles of Earth. (Source: Interprep.com)

And a food stand at the Wisconsin State Fair is serving ants on a stick. To create it, a pretzel is dipped in marshmallow fluff and then rolled in ants. Other bugs included on the menu including beetles, crickets, worms, scorpions… and more. (I hate to even ask what ‘more’ could be) (Source: Interprep.com; Image: wistatefair.com)

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