The Pandemic Blues – A Poem

The Pandemic Blues

By:  Jacqueline A. Racippo

I think I’m suffering from the pandemic blues-I stay in my PJ’s and don’t want to wear shoes.

My hairs a mess to say the least.  I’ll soon be appearing in “Beauty and the Beast.”

“Stay in” they said—don’t get too close.  No problem says I—just ate a loaf of toast. 

My cats looking at me—get off my couch—can’t move I said, got the pandemic pouch.

Get up from my bed, is it morning so soon? Is that the sun or maybe the moon?  

The big decision now falls upon me.  Shall I sit on the couch or on the settee?

What do you do when you can’t go to church? 

You watch it on YOUTUBE when you’re left in a lurch. 

I can’t go shopping—the malls are shut down—

What will I do I say with a frown? 

Can’t see my friends, they’re stuck at home too.

I’m so sad I can’t see my crew.  In the kitchen most of the day—going to name it Jacquie’s café. 

Pots banging together like a professional chef—Christina my daughters about to go deaf. 

Whatever you want I can cook in a flash—a nice bowl of pasta or fancy goulash. 

Chips, ice cream and chocolate prevail.  I got so excited, I threw out my scale!

With Uber Eats, Door Dash and Skip the Dishes; chicken wings, pizza what are your wishes? 

Have to line up now to get my money.  I try to be calm and as sweet as honey. 

I guess the “new norm” is to wear a mask out—“Do I know you?” I ask with some questionable doubt.

“You have to speak louder” I humbly say.  “Are you my sister?” She says, “Oops, no way!”  

We stand in line six feet apart—-excited to just get inside a Walmart. 

Apparently toilet paper is a little bit dear, but hey I do need it to wipe up my tear?

The days all seem to be the same as the last; “Can’t wait for tomorrow, it’s going to be a blast!”

Watching the tv and reading all day becomes the “new norm” as your hairs turning gray.

My son and his wife got married last Fall.  Now, they’re having a baby and I can’t see them at all.

I’ll now be a grandma—this is my first.  If I can’t see my grandchild it will be the worst!

I really miss seeing my mom’s sweet face.  She’s in Long Term Care at Roberta Place. 

My sisters and brothers are spread all around.  Can’t go on an airplane, they’re stuck on the ground.

I feel very grateful, my daughters with me.  We have lots of chats and laugh constantly!

You called and you asked me, “I want to know how”—“Not another banana bread.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME NOW? “

For those keeping us safe, I feel honoured and blessed, I really don’t mind staying home in my nest.

I feel honoured and grateful—YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!

So here’s to our health and I hope we survive.  When I do see you, we’ll do the high five.

All joking aside, oh what can I say?  I’m hoping that soon this will all go away. 

Looking forward to the day when I can see all your faces.  We will get through this together with God’s perfect graces.   

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