15 Weird Warning Signs That Winter Could Be a Frigid Hellscape, According To Folklore

Winter may still seem far away, however, the Farmers’ Almanac is looking ahead to the cold months. And its extended weather forecast predicts a “polar coaster” of frigid temperatures and “copious” amounts of snow, sleet, rain, and ice. To arrive at this frosty foreboding conclusion, the almanac plugs in a proprietary formula that’s been around since 1818.

The list:
1. Thicker-than-normal corn husks
2. Woodpeckers sharing a tree
3. Early departure of geese and ducks
4. Early migration of the monarch butterfly
5. Thick hair on the nape of a cow’s neck
6. Heavy and numerous fogs during August
7. Raccoons with thick tails and bright bands
8. Mice chewing furiously to get into your home
9. Early arrival of crickets on the hearth
10. Spiders spinning larger-than-usual webs and entering the house in great numbers
11. Pigs gathering sticks
12. Ants marching in a line rather than meandering
13. Unusual abundance of acorns
14. Squirrels gathering nuts early to fortify against a hard winter
15. Frequent halos or rings around the sun or moon forecast numerous snowfalls

(Source: Fast Company; Image: Free Design)

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