‘As the World Turns’… Some of This Week With Yours Truly

And this has been an interesting week for me so far. Monday, on getting home, I found the dishwasher wasn’t working, was full of water and I had to get the water out with a shop vac. It’s about 15 years old, so I think a new dishwasher is in the offing… whether my bank account is in agreement or not. Yesterday, once home, I found there was a raccoon on the gazebo cover (our house is a raised bungalow; maybe it climbed up a downspout?). Surprisingly, the City said animal control doesn’t really do private property (hmm) The City suggested my not trying to get it into a box myself but putting a ladder up for it to come down; the ladder’s too short from the deck or too long when opened up so I put the ladder on the lawn as the raccoon had run to the other side of the gazebo. I climbed up with a big plastic storage box and lid, hoping I could get it in the box (it’s timid, not threatening… and what else am I to do?), but it then took to the roof…. so-o-o-o-o-o I went up onto the roof very carefully with my recent hip replacement, followed it to the front of the house… where it jumped to the ground. Then, I had to back onto the ladder to get down. So, please, Lord… nothing further today when I get home.

(Image: thespruce.com)

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