Wacky… But True, September 9th

Residents of a Stittsville Ontario neighborhood (in the Ottawa area) captured photos and videos of some unusually behaving raccoons that experts said were likely drunk from eating fermented fruit. Emily Rodgers said she arrived home last week to find a raccoon stumbling around in her back yard . Michael Runtz, a biology professor at Carleton University, said the raccoons are likely getting drunk off fermented fruit and says the best thing to do is to leave the raccoons to sober up on their own.
(Source: UPI; Image; BlogTo)

One Australian man visiting England said there’s a “massive hole” in his finances after he was wrongfully charged $68,478 for a single beer during a recent outing to a bar in Manchester. Peter Lalor ordered a beer from the bar at the Malmaison Hotel that should have cost him just $6.75 The writer revealed that he “didn’t have his reading glasses” when the bartender presented him with the receipt and didn’t think twice when the employee “had some problems” ringing up the transaction. Dazed to learn he had been wrongfully charged the incredible sum for the drink in an apparent accident, he has since been in communication with the hotel and Visa to get the charge refunded –which will likely take nine business days to process.
(Source: Fox News)

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