Wacky… But True, September 11th

A burglar in England drank 24 bottles of beer and a bottle of Jägermeister before he tried to escape from police — on a bicycle. The 24-year-old man was chased by police for a mile and eventually crashed into a police car and fell off. (Source: Interprep)

A pair of thieves stole a 16-foot-long spool of turf from in front of a California woman’s home and the theft was caught on a neighbor’s security camera. Madonna Hanes said the 650-pound spool of turf was dropped off at her home in the Paradise Hills neighborhood of San Diego by a contractor who intended to return and use it to landscape her yard. Two men attempted to shove the spool into the trunk of their Nissan Altima. The thieves left a trail of turf that she was able to follow for about a block before it unfortunately vanished. (Source: UPI; Image: Country Garden Farms)

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