Wacky… But True, October 11th

America, you suck at using the turn signal. In a study (by the Society of Automotive Engineers) we’ve learned that 25% of U.S. drivers (we Canadian are probably about as bad) “improperly use their turn signals” while out on the road. In the same study nearly half of all drivers don’t use their signal to switch lanes.
(Source: Interprep)

Asteroids known as near-Earth objects are among the most dangerous space items, with space agencies around the world keeping a close eye on them. The European Space Agency is paying particular attention to asteroid 2019 SU3, which may collide with Earth as soon as 65 years from now. The space rock was recently added to the European Space Agency’s Risk List due to the potential for it to collide with Earth on September 16, 2084.
(Source: Interprep; Image: Independent)

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