Wacky… But True, June 5th

A Hollywood, Florida woman was surprised to find an iguana in her toilet bowl. Melissa Reynolds said when she opened the toilet bowl lid, she found the iguana. She then slammed the lid shut and made a call to the best iguana catcher she knows: her father. Trappers say iguanas have a tendency of climbing up trees and down vent pipes that end up leading them to plumbing and sometimes the nearest commode.
(Source: WSVN)

A woman has recounted how a brief encounter with a handsome stranger at a bar turned ugly after she received an outrageous demand the following day. Chlo Matthews, from London, took to social media on the weekend when he texted her after she had shared a couple of drinks the night before. The man tweeted the student paramedic to confirm her identity, then asked her to transfer funds to him as she hadn’t gone home with him. People labeled him an absolute “loser” and hundreds came to Chlo’s defense, commenting on how astonishing the demand was and how “dark” the dating pool had become.
(Source: Fox News; Image: Freepik)

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