Wacky… But True, February 6th

Canadian officials are recalling a toy fireman’s helmet. The helmet, the Paw Patrol Fire Marshall’s hat, comes with a flashlight that can overheat and become a fire and burn hazard. There has been one reported incident in Canada and three in the U.S.

Firefighters in Norway had to use the jaws-of-life to free a trapped victim. That’s not uncommon. What is uncommon was the victim was a four-year-old who was stuck in the tub of his family’s washing machine.

And an Italian researcher claims having an office fling improves your quality of work. The researcher found the thrill of the fling “raised energy levels and led to better professional capacity” (whatever that means). (Image: dailymail.co.uk from “Mad Men”)

(Source: Interprep.com)

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