Wacky, But True, February 21st

Doctors in India say a man nearly died after eating two nails every day over several weeks. They surgically removed 99 two- to three-inch nails from his stomach. (Source: Interprep)

Anybody who’s ever had a roommate or spouse who eats your Ben & Jerry’s without asking knows how infuriating it can be. Stop the thief in his tracks with Pint Lock. At only $10, it’ll save you a ton compared to replacing a pint every weekend. (Source: Interprep)

A Peru department store chain broke a Guinness World Record by creating a pair of jeans roughly the size of a 22-story building. The Paris department store chain’s creators said it took a team of 50 people six months to put together the jeans that measure about 215 feet tall and 140 feet wide. The materials that went into the trousers collectively weigh nearly 6 tons. When its display ends Sunday, the giant jeans will be converted into 10,000 reusable bags to be sold at Paris stores to promote a reduction in the use of plastic shopping bags. (Source: Interprep; Image: newshub.co.nz)

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