Wacky… But True, December 2nd

A British mom says Alexa became the Grinch that stole Christmas. Lizzy Nuttall contends the Amazon personal assistant announced that her daughter’s Christmas present had arrived and that the camera she wanted was inside. Apparently the yellow light was on to say there was a message. Then it blurted out the news. Mom’s 10-year-old daughter, Alice, clearly heard the news, she says. Lizzy says she wants to warn other parents about Alexa’s big mouth.
(Source and Image: NY Post)

One frustrated professional photographer has revealed that a bride, a former friend, tried to convince him to pay her for the privilege of shooting her wedding, telling him to pay the bride $50 and then start taking photos that he could sell at the wedding to people who want them so he bride and groom could use the money they’d save for the wedding and the photographer might still make some money. He declined and was called out at the wedding reception in the best man’s speech for not doing the wedding. He received dozens of harassing phone calls into the next day and even the bride’s father showed up at his house. Authorities have arrested the bride and her dad for harassment.
(Source: Fox)

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