Wacky… But True, August 13th

A globe-trotting dog is wanted to review canine hotels. The chosen dog will be required to offer their four-legged insights on his or her favorite walking spots, most comfortable beds, grooming services, and more. Together with their owner, they will post their hotel reviews on Hotels.com. The new position of ‘canine critic’ will give one lucky hound the chance to try out 10 of the world’s most dog-friendly hotels.
(Source: SWNS; Image: The Sun)

A South African company is promoting sustainable protein alternatives with a pop-up restaurant serving only foods derived from insects. The Insect Experience, a pop-up located at the GoodFood hall in Cape Town, features only menu items that use various edible insects as sources of protein. The pop-up is operated by Gourmet Grubb, a company founded by food scientist Leah Bessa and her partners. The company offers EntoMilk, a milk alternative made from the black soldier fly, as well as dairy-free ice cream made from the milk. The Insect Experience is billed as South Africa’s first restaurant to use insects as the exclusive source of protein. (and maybe the last?)
(Source: UPI)

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