Wacky… But True, April 15th

In a bid to control labor costs, Walmart is introducing more robots to keep track of stock, cleaning floors and unloading trucks. This year, at least 300 stores will add machines to scan shelves for out-of-stock products and 1,500 stores will use robot floor scrubbers. Some 900 stores will also get devices that let customers collect online orders without interacting with staff. Walmart executives said they are focusing on hiring workers for areas like e-commerce.
(Source and Image: theverge.com)

Three men are jailed in Alabama on charges that they cut down a cellphone tower and tried to saw it up to sell for scrap. Washington County officials said a worker cutting grass for the tower company reported it had fallen. But an inspection of the site revealed guy wires had been cut. Deputies began watching the area and a resident called reporting noises. Deputies arrived to find the three men cutting up the tower.
(Image: journal-news.com)

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