The Untold Truth Of How The Royal Family Eats

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the British royal family, live an utterly unique gastronomic lifestyle. With Harry and Meghan’s wedding just days away, some of the rules about foods, wedding reception and otherwise. The royals are banned from lobster, crab, shrimp and the like, for the simple reason that it’s just too much of a risk (Prince Charles though indulges in a little from time to time). They’re not allowed to drink tap water. Garlic is utterly forbidden by the Queen to avoid bad breath. Foods are from entirely freshly-made ingredients and the vast majority of the ingredients (meat and otherwise) used in their meals comes from their own estates. Prince Charles is very particular about saving leftovers from meals, believing that nothing should go to waste so leftover roasted lamb one night, might well be shepard’s pie the next day. Prince William and Kate are the exception having no royal chef. According to ex-butler Paul Burrell, you don’t eat until the Queen eats. You’re also supposed to stop eating when she does. Essentially, you take every cue from the monarch, including when to sit and when to stand. If the Queen places any one of her 200 Launer handbags on the table, that’s regarded as a signal that she wants the event to end in the next five minutes. If she places it on the floor, it means she’s not enjoying the conversation and wishes to be rescued by her lady-in-waiting. Not sure if that’ll happen at Harry’s wedding though.

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