Town of the Blue Mountains Response to Inquires about Lead in Drinking Water

The Town of The Blue Mountains would like to provide a public response to inquires about lead levels within municipal drinking water. The Town operates its water system in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 and all applicable Ontario Regulations. As a result, there is no concern related to lead levels within the Town of The Blue Mountains drinking water system. Drinking water within the municipal water system is safe and is actively monitored and tested by the Town’s licensed Water Operators to ensure that the high-quality standard for its drinking water adheres to all Provincial Regulations as legally enforced by the Province of Ontario.

The recent reports of lead levels exceeding Provincial standards is related to water coming in contact with lead material found in private plumbing lines and private plumbing fixtures. Since 2008, the Town has offered a free lead testing program for private homes. Throughout that time, over 200 water samples have been collected with only one private business identified as exceeding the acceptable limit, determined that the lead found within the water resulted from private plumbing within the home and as a result the issue was corrected by the homeowner.

(Source: Town of the Blue Mountains)

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