Toasty Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather

It’s easier to change your body temperature than room temperature, not to mention more eco-friendly. Instead of turning up the heat, put on another layer of clothing. Keep your entire body as covered as your head as you’ll lose heat from any surface that’s exposed. Run your home’s fan on its lowest setting in a clockwise direction to push the warm air back down to where you can feel it. Hot showers immediately warm you up, but cold showers improve blood circulation between your skin and organs. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise, wrapping it in fabric, and sliding it under your door. Stay toasty with a programmable thermostat so you never go home to a cold living room. Replace thin curtains with heavier wool or fleece drapes in the winter. But be sure to open them on sunny days for free heat. Use your oven to heat up the whole house. If you’re already interested in composting, here’s another reason to do it: The microbial breakdown of organic material produces heat. Keep fluffy blankets closer to your skin. Thin, dense blankets should be on top to prevent convective heat loss. And don’t put your bed directly against an exterior wall. You’ll be warmer if you leave a little space. Make your own hand warmers with two Ziploc bags, water, and calcium chloride ice melt pellets from the hardware store.

(Source:, Amanda Green; Image: Ventura Breeze)

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