It’s Time to Change Those Winter Tires

The warmer temperatures finally with us. If you were wise enough and have winter tires, time to take them off and put on the all-seasons (had mine done Tuesday). The dividing temperature is when it’s a consistent plus 7C. If it’s any warmer, winter “snowflake” branded tires start to lose grip, just as three-season or summer tires gain grip. Winter tires use rubber compounds that stay softer as temperatures drop, of course, but this softer rubber does not have the grip and stability as temperatures soar. If you’re like me, you maybe know the “what” but not all the “why’s”. When it’s warmer, the winter tire takes longer to stop and reacts more slowly to steering inputs. And the deeper its tread depth (didn’t know this either), the more pronounced the effect and the greater the damage you can do to the tread on your winter tires

(Source: John Mahler,; Image:

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