Three out of Four People Believe They Have Good Neighbors

Think you have a good neighbour? Three out of four people believe so, according to Good Neighbor Report. All demographics agreed that the ideal neighbor is trustworthy, quiet, friendly and respectful, but there’s no need to maintain a close friendship in order to be considered a ‘good neighbor’. Across all demographics, being trustworthy (59 percent) and quiet (50 percent) are the most important qualities a neighbor can have, even trumping friendliness (46 percent). Females in particular considered ‘trustworthy’ as a must-have trait in a good neighbor, as well as those older than 35 (both about 62 percent). The least appreciated quality for all groups surveyed was having a close friendship with a neighbor. Only 9 percent of women see close friendship as a must-have for good neighbors, while men rate it somewhat higher, at 20 percent.

Note: While 77 percent of those surveyed are generally satisfied with their neighbors, women (8 percent) are the most likely to say they do not have good neighbors while 20 percent aren’t sure whether or not they have good neighbors.

(Source: PR Newswire; Image: Charter For Compassion)

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