The Embarrassing Parent

You’ve maybe dished out or been on the receiving end of things parents do that embarrass their children. Well, YouGov Omnibus shows that there are plenty of things that parents do that embarrass their children. Members of Generation Z (people between ages 8 and 17) were given a list of potentially embarrassing things, and asked to choose up to three of the most embarrassing things their parents do. The top answers were :
“Tell people stories about me/show people pictures of me” (25%),
and “Act weird/be silly” (21%), and “Think they’re funny but they’re not” (20%).
Other common answers included
“Try to be cool or young” (15%),
and “Wear embarrassing clothes” (3%),

“Be overly protective” (19%), “Make me do things I don’t want to” (17%), “Fart” (15%), “Hug and kiss me” (14%), “Yell at me” (14%) and “Tease me about boys/girls” (13%). Other possible answers included “Be too loud” (10%), “Sing” (10%), “Dance” (10%), “Interact with my friends” (9%), “Hug and kiss each other” (9%), “Joke around too much” (8%), “Call me names I don’t like” (7%), “Other” (3%), and “Drink too much” (2%).

But there’s good news for a select few parents out there: Some (5%) chose “nothing” when asked about the most embarrassing things their parents do.

(Source:; Image: Independent School Parent)

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