When Should You Take Take Those Winter Tires Off

Thinking of taking your winter tires off? Although it is spring, it doesn’t mean you should change your winter tires, just yet. Because it is a transitional season, winter-like weather conditions and temperatures can continue well into this month. According to Doug Annett, director of operations for SafeRoads Canada, the ‘when’ depends on the temperatures, rather than a set day or week on the calendar. When temperatures climb to 7°C or higher, and remain there consistantly, you can take them off. “Winter tires are engineered to give improvement in grip, as compared to an all-season or summer tires, from about 7°C and down,” says Annett. “As long as it’s 7°C or below, keep your winter tires on.” He points out that can be problematic (which is my problem) because temperatures may hit 10°C – 12°C during the day, but at night, they may fall to zero or below at night.

(Source: Nathan Howes, The Weather Network; Image: Veerpreet)

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