Take Your Full Vacation Entitlement, Or Die (Early From A Stress Induced Disease)

Seems a whole lot of us leave paid days off unused as, sadly a nation of nay-cationers. 93% of Canadians say vacations are essential to happiness, says a study. But fewer than half of us use our full entitlement. Did we all turn into workaholics overnight? Some of us did. The rest give plenty of excuses for ditching paid holidays. Several are legit, like not knowing our rights. Others are depressing, like fear the boss might think we’re not needed, that we’ll look lazy or uncommitted, that the work will pile up or work emergencies prevent leaving at that time, but, later, it’s inconvenient to take the time off. Studies show we have 34 million vacation days a year we don’t take. However, take the time off. A vacation is one of the best cures for work burnout say the experts. Even if you can’t afford to go somewhere, have a stay-cation… especially while we still have this beautiful weather.


If you’re not sure, find out what the company’s policies are (especially to see if you can accumulate your vacation time before you lose the time) and give notice of vacation intentions.

What We’re Entitled To:
Almost every province makes employers give two paid weeks off after 12 consecutive months of service. Saskatchewan offers three luxurious weeks and Quebec one day per month. Employers can grant more at their discretion. Contract employment’s excluded unless negotiated.
On top of this are federal statutory holidays. Provincial ones too, like Manitoba’s Luis Riel Day, and PEI’s Islander Day.
The value of holiday time is 4% of annual salary.

(Source: Mark Swartz, linkedin; Image: pinterest.com)

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