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Checking Emails After Work Damages Your Health, Your Relationships AND Your Partner’s Health, Study Finds

If you check work emails after you’ve left the office and as soon as you wake up, you may be underestimating the damaging effects it has on your health and your relationships. A study found ‘flexible work boundaries’ drive up

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Meaford and Area Road Work

A reminder of work notices for Meaford and area… beginning the week of September 3rd, the following roads will be undergoing surface treatments: Town of The Blue Mountains/Meaford Townline – Meaford/Grey Highlands Townline to Highway 26 7th Line – Harbour

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Checking Work Email Outside Of Work Is Insidious

If you hope to enjoy your weekend, but are dreading an email from the boss, the next time your boss sends you a weekend email or a weeknight at 10 pm, ignore it. Science is on your side. Researchers at

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Unprofessional Habits That Make Everyone At Work Hate You

It’s understandable that, in all the time we spend with coworkers and bosses, we might have let a bad habit or two slip. And here’s a list (by no means complete) of some habits that may have you on everyone’s

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Why You Need a Micro Vacation

Thinking you need a vacation, but can’t spare the time? Maybe you should consider micro-vacations, frequent getaways with little stress that last two to four days. Studies are finding people who take them tend to be happier, calmer, and more

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Wacky… But True, December 21st

It’s an especially joyful, or possibly annoying, time of year for a small group of women around the U.S. According to Census data, about 100 women happen to have the first name of Mary and the last name of Christmas.

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Work Emails At Home Are Stressful

If you feel a bit stressed out on the weekend about work emails, take heart . A recent French law establishing workers’ “right to disconnect” requires companies with more than 50 employees to establish hours when staff should not send

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Ontario increasing minimum wage on Saturday to $11.40

As part of its balanced plan to build Ontario up and help people in their everyday lives, Ontario is raising the general minimum wage from $11.25 to $11.40 on October 1, 2016 – the third consecutive year it has increased.

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