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Holiday Stress and Holiday Desserts and Flavours That We Crave the Most

With the holidays here, that means it’s time for holiday-related stress to rear its ugly head. Shopping for gifts was found to be the most stressful part of the holidays, with 37 percent it causes them stress. The act of

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Millions Of Workers Believe The Stress Of Their Job Has Had A Negative Effect On Their Mental Health

Millions of workers believe the stress of their job has had a negative effect on their mental health. A poll of employees revealed six in 10 feel tired, anxious and worried due to huge workloads and never-ending hours. Unpleasant colleagues

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Why Majority of Parents Are Stressing Over Summer

End of school today and according to research, 70 percent of parents are stressed about summer and the majority would be ok sending the kids back to school after just a week off. A poll of parents of school-aged children

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Take Your Full Vacation Entitlement, Or Die (Early From A Stress Induced Disease)

Seems a whole lot of us leave paid days off unused as, sadly a nation of nay-cationers. 93% of Canadians say vacations are essential to happiness, says a study. But fewer than half of us use our full entitlement. Did

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Why You Need a Micro Vacation

Thinking you need a vacation, but can’t spare the time? Maybe you should consider micro-vacations, frequent getaways with little stress that last two to four days. Studies are finding people who take them tend to be happier, calmer, and more

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