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The Silicon Valley Elite’s Latest Status Symbol… Chickens

What do many of the elite of California’s Silicon Valley do to relax? Would you believe raise chickens? Long a thrifty rural way to provide fresh eggs, the practice has emerged as an unlikely badge of urban modishness. In the

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Chinese Capital Dangles Carrots To Lure Foreign Talent To Its Silicon Valley… Bring Your Own Maid

Beijing, a major hub for artificial intelligence and semiconductors in China, is touting a new list of incentives to try to bait foreign talent for its equivalent of Silicon Valley in the Chinese capital. New foreign hires at Zhongguancun Science

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How To Live Forever: Here Are The Ways Silicon Valley Plans To Conquer Death

Silicon Valley has a bit of a fetish with living forever, where a who’s who of billionaires are now pouring millions into longevity research. PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, for one, has claimed that his intense personal hatred of death makes

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