Sympathy for “the Donald”

Not sure if this would make good reading, but Conrad Black, an author sympathetic to right-wing politicians is still at it with “Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other”, in part from his personal knowledge of Trump. They’ve had business dealings, and being men of the same age and similar class backgrounds, share much the same worldview. Both are very critical of the media, toeing the line of “the politically correct group-think of the liberal elite” (both Republican and Democrats) not to mention all of Hollywood. He describes Trump as “naturally very humorous, wittily perceptive, refreshingly uninhibited, and a great showman.” Most of all, Black sees Trump as representing the real America… loud, aggressive and larger than life, but gifted with the common touch, as voters “were not appalled, but rather, to some degree, inspired, by his bravura, buffoonery, and raw egotism. Black sees Trump’s successes as his own while his failures are mainly the result of accidents or due to his enemies. But I am curious what Conrad would think of developments since Trump stopped by the just ended G7 meeting in Canada.

Note: Black is thoroughly smitten with Melania Trump, bringing his narrative to an awestruck stop every time this “breathtakingly tall and beautiful and magnificently proportioned” goddess enters the frame. A devoted mother and glamorous White House chatelaine, she “is confident and relaxed, cool and poised, looks whimsically on some of her husband’s eccentricities, but is always very supportive. … She exudes an exotic and mysterious composure that is often more becoming than the opinionated and busy nature of some of her recent predecessors as first lady.”

At the end, Black leaves us with Trump triumphant, rising above the partisan witch hunt of the Mueller investigation and setting an agenda to make America, yes, great again. The names of Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen are nowhere mentioned in the book, perhaps because they are part of developments that are too recent. But it’s hard to believe there aren’t still more shoes to drop.

(Source: Conrad Black, Toronto Star; Image: Toronto Star)

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