Surprising Ways To Keep Cool In The Summer Heat

Yes, the hot temperatures have arrived. Especially with no air conditioning, what do when the temperatures hit 40C+ degrees? One thing…. Sleep under a damp towel or sheet… This will feel especially nice if you have a fan running at the same time. The evaporation of the cloth’s water will keep you cool all night, and the sheet or towel will most likely be dry by morning. Eat less salty food and protein… Salty foods and protein produce metabolic heat when digested and cause water loss. Eat more fruits and vegetables (no need to turn on the oven) and smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Finally, find yourself a public spot with AC to spend a few hours during day… close your windows and lights when you leave the house to keep your home nice and cool for your return and set your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise which pushes more wind currents into the room below.

Other Tips:

Wet your curtains… Spritzing or soaking your curtains, or leaving the bottoms to sit in buckets of water, is a great way to cool down any incoming sunlight or breeze from the outside. Get air circulating to evaporate the water, so run a fan at the same time or chose a window with a draft coming through.

Eat spicy foods…. “hot” foods like cayenne, jalapeƱo, and habanero peppers get their heat from the chemical capsaicin, which acts as an irritant in humans and gets us to sweat more, cooling us down.

Buy or build an ice-pack hat… Strapping a cold compress to your head can work wonders in the blistering heat, especially if you’re prone to headaches. Throw a couple of wet dish towels in the freezer (coil each of them into a “C” beforehand to fit your head when frozen) or pick up two malleable ice-packs from the dollar store. There are specifically designed icy-headbands available online for purchase as well.

Put a bowl of ice in front of your fan… just toss a bunch of ice cubes into a metal bowl (or freeze some water straight into the bowl), and set it in front of a running fan. Tilt your fan or the bowl in such a way as to get air flowing directly onto the icy surface, cooling down the blowing air.

Keep your moisturizers in the fridge… applying your moisturizer after a stint in the fridge can help reduce puffiness and the appearance of rosacea, though oil-based products should not stay in long or they won’t absorb as well. For a doubly cooling experience, try this with a tube of aloe vera.

If you’re in dry heat: drink something hot… when you ingest a hot drink, you actually have a disproportionate increase in the amount that you sweat. This trick will only work if your sweat can evaporate off of your body, meaning this won’t work very well in humid areas.

(Source: Chloe Rose Stuart-Ulin, CBC Life; Image: Mean Maureen)

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