Super Strict Halloween Laws From Around the World

Halloween coming up and beyond the basic trick-or-treating rules, such as wearing something reflective, and not eating any candy before it is checked by an adult, here are some super strict rules from around the world. In Walnut Creek, California, you need a permit to wear a mask on Halloween to prevent people from causing trouble. In Bathurst, New Brunswick, no trick-or-treating after 8 pm to cut down the rowdiness. In Reheboth Beach, Deleware, trick-or-treating is illegal on Sundays. If Halloween falls on a Sunday, it’s held Saturday night. In Belleville, Missouri, only kids up to grade 8 are allowed to go trick-or-treating. In Vendargues, France, dressing up as a clown for Halloween (right through November) for anyone aged 13 and older is banned because some people were dressing up as evil clowns and scaring people in the streets.

Also, in Dublin, Georgia, not only no mask, you also can’t wear sunglasses, a hood or anything that might cover your face in public. In Hollywood, California, no silly string between midnight on Halloween to noon the following day after things got out of hand.

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