Staff Lead Duck Family Through Burlington School To Safety Of Nearby Creek

At least once a year, a mother and her brood of ducklings make their way from her nesting grounds in Burlington to a nearby creek — with one major obstacle in the way, going through an entire high school to get there. Now an annual tradition, staff at Gary Allan High School expect the sound of pecking at one of the school’s sliding glass doors, as the mother duck requests help to get her family to the waters of Roseland Creek; it’s been going on for about ten years, says Robert Eatough, a superintendent with the Halton District School Board. The mother duck has become quite fond of the school’s interior courtyard area where a pair of mallard ducks return each year to nest. The courtyard though is surrounded by walls on all sides, so to get to the creek with her ducklings, staff help guide the family through the school’s corridors, which is what happened last week when they heard that annual pecking sound at the door.

(Source: Adam Carter/CBC; Image: CBC)

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