Speeding? Sometimes You WILL Get Caught

And, interesting this morning as I was driving into Thornbury about one o’clock on my way to work (yes, in radio, we don’t just work the 4 hours or so we’re on the air if you ever wondered)… but as I was westbound, approaching Indian Brook, east of Thornbury still in an 80 kay zone… doing about 88 with my cruise on, two cars passed me, probably doing 120. Now, just as we got into Thornbury an approaching car did a 180 and, no surprise, it was an OPP cruiser (exxxxxx-cellent) which passed the second car (a new Mustang), threw on its flashing light and pulled over the first car for whatever speed it was still doing. The funny thing though, the Mustang’s driver realizing how lucky he (or she) had been, (afraid to even do 50) only drove at about 35 kay the rest of way through Thornbury… and once we were west of Thornbury never did more than 80 to 85. I guess he (or she), at least briefly, decided to drive safely… I wonder though how long that will last. Sadly, probably not long.

(Image: OPP)

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