Six Reasons To NOT Clean Up The Garden This Fall

If fall for you is all about how to clean up the garden… the roses neatly trimmed and wrapped in burlap with nary a fallen leaf in sight; everything raked up and hauled off, times have changed. And here are six reasons to leave things be: native bees need a place to spend the winter that’s protected from cold and predators, say under a piece of peeling tree bark,or an ornamental grass. The same for most butterflies, ladybugs and pest insect-eating birds, since not cleaning up the garden means there will be more of those pest insects available to them during the coldest part of the year. Finally, the beauty to be found in a winter garden. Snow resting on dried plants, berries clinging to bare branches, birds flitting around spent flowers and ice collected on blades of ornamental grasses. At first, you might not consider yourself to be one of the reasons not to clean up the garden, but winter is a beautiful time, if we just let it be so.

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