Ranchers Steak Their Claim To ‘Meat’

Food labels such as “veggie burgers” and “Tofurky” have prompted a new Missouri law making it illegal to stick meatlike names on products that aren’t made from meat — pitting cattlemen against vegetarians in a food fight poised to spread across the U.S. Even though the Missouri law is being challenged in court, a handful of other cattle-raising states, including Iowa and Montana, see it as a precedent they may want to follow. The Cattlemen’s Association says if you want to call it ‘meat’ it has to be from livestock. The change was to take effect in August but the Oregon-based company Tofurky and the Washington, D.C.based Good Food Institute filed suit to block its implementation on First Amendment and other grounds. Jessica Almy, director of policy for the institute, which promotes alternatives to meat, said labels like “veggie burger,” which are outlawed in the new statute, are not confusing to consumers. “Consumers know exactly what they are buying,” she said, adding “Nobody owns language.”

Whether that becomes an issue in Canada, veggie burgers and the like, we’ll have to wait and see.

(Source: Toronto Star; Image: Yves Veggie Cuisine)

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