Protecting Your Pets This Winter

With freezing temperatures again, before your pet gets frostbite, be prepared. Know things ‘not to do’ during winter to make sure pets will be healthy and smart all winter. Many pets love to play in the snow, but don’t let them eat snow which contains chemicals and hard substances which cause stomach upset and cannot be cured quickly in winter. Many times, the metals on the streets have electrical wiring inside; when there is snow on the metals there are chances to electrocute. Summer is the days where pets love to go for long walks and enjoy. But winter is quite opposite. When you take out pets with sweater and shoes, but still dog quiver, it is a sign to return back. Any change in the mood or if the dog turns back, it is a time to get them indoors. Anti Freezers are very often used to de-ice outdoors, but even a single drop of anti freezers can kill the pets. All pet breeds’s paws get affected very easily by the frostbite during winter when they play in the snow and should be cleaned thoroughly after playing in the snow.


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