Why You Need a Micro Vacation

Thinking you need a vacation, but can’t spare the time? Maybe you should consider micro-vacations, frequent getaways with little stress that last two to four days. Studies are finding people who take them tend to be happier, calmer, and more energized than those who rarely take time off… this from Jessica de Bloom, author of several studies on the health benefits of travel. Shorter vacations also have distinct advantage over longer ones. Since you’re out of the office for only a short stint, you don’t have to spend as much prep or catch-up work. As well, when you’re gone, you worry less about what you’re missing, says Katie Denis, lead researcher at Project Time Off, an organization that analyzes vacation time (I wonder what they do on vacation). She says the worry of returning to a mountain of work is the number-one reason people don’t take vacations. Taking several short trips solves the problem and is why more people are doing just that.

(Source: Magzter.com; Image: vacayholics.com))

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