That Missed Call You Call Back Could Be A Scam And Cost You Big Time

if you receive a call from an unknown international number that disconnects immediately, it could be part of a worldwide scam known as Wangiri fraud. Carriers are warning customers to not call the number back.

The victim will get a call from an overseas phone number that will ring once or twice or just long enough for the number to appear on their caller ID. These numbers are premium rate overseas phone numbers that charge high rates on top of your normal long distance rate. The intent is for you to return the call. Once the scammer has you on the line they will try to make you stay on the call for as long as possible to run up the charges that you will get a bill for.

Do not call the number back. If it’s a number you don’t recognize, confirm that it’s someone you know. Most of the numbers originate overseas.

Photo Credit: Telus

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