The Love-Hate Relationship of Texts and Emails

Why do we hate using email but love sending texts? Since the first text message (“Merry Christmas”) was sent way back in 1992 in the UK, text messaging has spread. By 2012, it’s estimated that close to 15 trillion messages were sent worldwide. That number grew to over 28 trillion last year. And as many of us now have a genuine dislike of our email, after just one day away from our work inbox, we dread having to wade through the reams of new emails, “cc’s” and “Dear all” memos. Aimée Morrison, who teaches business writing at the University of Waterloo says a large reason email has earned its user’s ire is because it was based on the staid, rigid format of an office memo, complete with fields for “to,” “from,” “subject” and “body.” “Email is the preferable medium where one person is more senior to the other; text or social media channels when the relationship is more intimate.

(Souirce: Bryan Lufkin,; Image: Michael Hyatt)

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