Italy is the First Country To Require Climate Change Lessons In School

The recent federal election, of course, not every political party, really had an interest in climate change. However, when the school year begins in Italy next September, students in all grades will learn about climate change in civics classes—and the subject will also begin to be part of the curriculum in classes such as math and physics. Italy is the first to make climate change a mandatory part of education. For the youngest elementary school students, lessons might come in the form of fairy-tale-like stories that illustrate the role of the environment. Older students will study the science, and high school students will study the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The lessons will take up 33 hours a year, or nearly an hour a week. Lorenzo Fioramonti, Italy’s education minister says the government is working with experts, including the director of the Harvard Institute for International Development, to give feedback to staff developing the new curriculum and says the government sees the changes as critical, and that “The 21st-century citizen must be a sustainable citizen.”

(Source: Fast Company; Image: Fair Observer)

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