More Than Half Of Us Have Never Deleted Anything From Any Of Our Devices

Are you a digital hoarder? New research shows a third of us have files on their devices from at least a DECADE ago. The poll discovered 33% of us are holding onto files that are at least 10 years old. Over half (52%) have never deleted anything from any of our devices. 41% of us actively avoid deleting pictures and videos from our digital devices. 78% are just transferring them from one device to another. Of those of us who transfer our digital storage from one device to another, one in 10 still don’t delete files from our old devices. We also can’t seem to let go of old files because we consider them to be memories that we just can’t part with (35%). We may also find that the process of manually going through and deleting them to be a boring chore (32%), or feel guilty about permanently erasing them (26%). However, nearly a quarter of us (24%) still say that keeping our digital devices full of old files stresses us out while a further 21% say digital hoarding has a negative impact on our overall life and well-being.

(Source: NY Post; Image: Marketwatch)

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