Good Things Come In Threes?

Supposedly, it’s good things that come in threes, but not in this case as my car’s been hit three times in the last ten months; first, last March as I was sitting in a left turn lane and another motorist, somehow, didn’t see my car and drove into me (which kept me busy getting repairs lined up just before I had a hip replacement). Then, this past November, someone hit my car, parked out of necessity at the time, on the street in front of my house; fortunately, a neighbour got the plates of the car that hit me. Then this past Friday evening as another car in the garage needed a service call, I was parked on the street again, only to go out to bring it in the driveway about 6:30, to find it had been hit again, damaging the taillight, bumper, rear fender and the trunk somewhat. Having been at the collision centre Saturday morning, I’ll be at the repair shop this morning and see what the verdict is, if they really want to fix my ‘07 Civic… or not.

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