Gas Pumps Switching To ‘Summer’ Fuel and Higher Prices

Gas prices expected to be up today as pumps being switched to summer fuel, as gas refineries and suppliers were to switch to the summer blend by midnight, Sunday night. I always found it strange, that it’s more expensive to produce than that sold in the winter. But why is that? Spring and fall, gas stations switch between summer-grade and winter-grade fuel. The switch started in 1995 in order to reduce pollution and smog during the summer ozone season (June 1 to Sept. 15; Source: EPA) for those of us who weren’t keeping track (yours truly included). To reduce pollution, summer-blend fuels use different fuel additives (oxygenates) which, we’re told, burn cleaner and also help compensate for a limited oil supply. Adding to the cost, refineries have to briefly shut down before they begin processing it. One estimate claims the production change costs an increase of only 1 cent to 2 cents per gallon, a U.S. gallon , I think, (Source: Slate), while another states 3 cents to 15 cents per gallon (Source: Reason) which should be about a quarter of that for a litre. The increase you and I pay at the pump is even greater, owing, in part, to the summer driving season and dips in supply. Well, so they say.

(Source:,; Image: Occasional Planet)

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