Famous Birthdays, Born December 31st

Actor Anthony Hopkins (Best Actor Oscar, Golden Globe/Cecile B. DeMille and multiple Primetime Emmy winner, multiple Screen Actors Guild nominee, known for the films ‘T he Lion In Winter”, “Hamlet”, “Audrey Rose”, “A Bridge Too Far”,”The Elephant Man”, “The Bounty”, “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Howard’s End”, “ The Remains of the Day”, “Nixon”, “Surviving Picasso”, “Amistad”, “The Mask of Zorro’, “Meet Joe Black”, “Mission: Impossible II”, “Hannibal”, “ Red Dragon ”Beowulf”, “Thor”, “”Thor: Ragnarok”,360” the tv series “War & Peace” and “Westworld” and the mini-series “Great Expectations”) is 81. (1937) (Image: Subliworks)

Actress Sarah Miles (Best Actress Oscar, multiple Golden Globe nominee, known for the films “Ryan’s Daughter”, “The Big Sleep” and “Hope and Glory”) is 77. (1941)

Actor Tim Considine (known for the films “The Private War of Major Benson” and “The Shaggy Dog” and the tv series “The Hardy Boys”, “Annette”, “My Three Sons” as Mike Douglas) is 78. (1940)

Guitarist Andy Summers (of the Police fame) is 76. (1942)

Actor Ben Kingsley (Best Actor Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild winner, multiple Primetime Emmy nominee, known for the films “Gandhi”, “Bugsy”, “Sneakers”, “Dave” Searching For Bobby Fischer”, “Schindler’s List”, “Species”, “Oliver Twist”, “The Love Guru” and “Iron Man3” and the mini-series “Tut” and ‘Watership Down”) is 75 . (1943)

Actress Barbara Carrera (multiple Golden Globe nominee, known for the films ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau”, “Never Say Never Again” and “Wild Geese II”, the mini-series “Centennial”, “Masada”, “Emma: Queen of the South Seas” and the tv series “Dallas” as Angelica Nero) is 73. (1945)

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg is 72. (1946)

Actor Tim Matheson (multiple Primetime Emmy nominee. Known for the tv series “The Virginian”, “Bonanza”, “T he Quest”, “Wolf Lake” “Breaking News”, “The West Wing” as Vice President Hoynes and “Hart of Dixie” and the films “Magnum Force”, “Animal House”, “1941” and “Fletch”) is 71. (1947)

Musician, singer, songwriter Burton Cummings (of The Guess Who fame) is 71. (1947)

Actor Joe Dallesandro (known for the films “Heat”, “Black Moon”, “Cry-Baby” and “The Limey”) is 70. (1948)

Actor James Remar (multiple Screen Actors Guild nominee, known for the films “ 48 Hrs.”, “The Cotton Club”, “Fatal Instinct” and “Miracle On 34th Street’, and the tv series “Sex and the Cit y””North Shore”, “Dexter” as Harry Morgan, “State of Affairs”and “Black Lightning”) is 65. (1953)

Actress Beebe Neuwirth (multiple Primetime Emmy winner, known for the tv series “Cheers”, “Deadine”, “Frasier”, “Law & Order: Trial By Jury ”, “Madam Secretary” and “Blue Bloods” and the films ‘Jumanji” and “How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days”) is 60. (1958)

Actor Val Kilmer (Grammy nominee, known for the films “ Top Gun”, “The Doors”, “Tombstone”, “Batman Forever”, “The Saint”, “Pollock”, “Alexander” and “Bloodworth”) is 59. (1959)

Singer, songwriter, actor Joe McIntyre (of the New Kids on the Block fame, known for the tv series “Boston Public” as Colin Flynn, and “The McCarthys” as Gerard McCarthy) is 46. (1972)

(Source: on-this-day.com)

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