Have You Ever Been Called By a CRA Scammer?

Ever been on the receiving end of a CRA scam? I had two in one day a week or so ago, that I had to call the CRA right away as I owed money and was about to be sued and if I didn’t, I would be arrested. Well, late October, following news of raids against call centres in India, StarMetro received a call to a newsroom phone from someone claiming to be from the CRA, saying they had to get in touch immediately to remedy a tax issue. Nothing unusual, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reports that it has received about 74,000 complaints about the calls since 2014, with 4,000 victims reporting more than $15 million in losses to the scammers. The scammer they called insists there’s no other option for him. The scam earns him $400 a month — $300 more than he’d make at a legitimate call centre. The phone scams are not new, but callers are apparently changing their tactics. In past years, the scams usually relied on greed and promised people fortunes for completing a task. But scammers are finding that fear is a better motivator, especially for those new to Canada. As you might suspect with my phone call, I didn’t call back. And if you do, don’t you call back either.

(Source: Jeremy Nuttall, Toronto Star; Hawkins CoAccounting)

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