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Bluewater District School Board Labour Update

Bluewater District School Board is included in ETFO’s rotating strike on Monday, February 3 and province wide strike on Thursday, February 6. View our latest labour update and parent letter here:

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Netflix Cancels “Designated Survivor,” “Tuca & Bertie”

Netflix has canceled drama, Designated Survivor, after three seasons and, animated comedy, Tuca & Bertie after one season. Designated Survivor starred Kiefer Sutherland as a low-level bureaucrat who suddenly becomes President of the United States following an attack on the

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Pizza Hut To Test Out System Where Customers Never Have To Interact With An Actual Person

Pizza Hut is testing out a way for customers to get pizza without ever having to talk to another person. The company will be testing out a digital cubby system at one of its locations in Hollywood, Calif. Customers will

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Canada Wide Warrant For Men Accused of Murdering 3 People

OPP have issued a warning saying two teenagers suspected in the deaths of three people in northern B-C may be possibly heading east to Ontario. Canada-wide warrants have been issued for  19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky , both

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The Number One Best-Selling Drugstore Lipstick Since The ‘50s Is…

They say don’t fix what isn’t broken – and that theory has certainly proven to be true for one budget-friendly lip product, which has been revealed as the number one bestselling drugstore lipstick for the past 70 years. Revlon’s Super

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7-Eleven Gives College Fund To Baby Born On 7/11 At 7:11pm Weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz.

After an infant was born on July 11 (7/11) at 7:11 p.m. weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces, 7-Eleven pledged $7,111 toward a college fund for her. Baby J’Aime Brown stunned parents Johntez Brown and Rachel Langford with her coincidental

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Sylvester Stallone Says He Has Zero Ownership Of “Rocky” Despite Creating The Franchise

Sylvester Stallone is finally clearing the air regarding a grudge he’s carried for over 40 years. He covers the latest issue of Variety and in the cover story, he discusses being deprived of an equity stake in the Rocky franchise,

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Iconic Rolls-Royce Expected To Fetch $3.5m

The longest-lasting love of Elizabeth Taylor’s life — her legendary Rolls-Royce dubbed the “Green Goddess” — will be going up for auction at the Pierre Hotel in Midtown next month. The car, which stayed with her longer than most of

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Tom Hanks Plays Mister Rogers In “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” Trailer

  A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is giving a glimpse of Tom Hanks as TV icon Mister Rogers. The film released a first official trailer yesterday featuring Hanks as Rogers, the creator, showrunner and host of the beloved children’s

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Joke Of The Day, Friday, February 22nd, 2019

A mathematician, physicist, and an economist were in a boat crash off an inhabited island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Starving to death they found a can of roast beef, they start debating how to open the can

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Joke Of The Day, Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Man: “Honey, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you something… I’m not rich like Jack. I don’t have a mansion like Russell. I don’t have a Porsche like Martin. But I do love you and I want to

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Joke Of The Day, Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

A man approaches a beautiful woman in a supermarket. “I’ve lost my wife somewhere,” he says. “Do you mind if I talk to you for a moment?” “Okay,” replies the woman. “But how’s that going to help you find your

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Joke Of The Day, Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

A man follows a woman out of a movie theatre. She has a dog on a leash. He stops her and says, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t help but notice that your dog was really into the

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Joke Of The Day, Monday, February 18th, 2019

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef

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Joke Of The Day, Friday, February 15th, 2019

Grandpa was celebrating his 100th birthday and everybody complimented him on how athletic and well-preserved he appeared. “Gentlemen, I will tell you the secret of my success,” he cackled. “I have been in the open air day after day for

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