Another Day In the Life of Yours Truly

My day yesterday, on leaving these hallowed halls… there I was, in front of my driveway, turning my car around early yesterday afternoon, the front half of it still on the street and clearly visible on a short street of maybe 10 houses (where even 50 kay is going fast) when some young lady almost broadsided me and gave me the horn; clearly, I was wrong, interfering with her excessive speed, my failure to provide flashing lights on the front of my vehicle for added visibility… and interrupting her doing her lipstick. On a more positive note, while some spots where I put some grass seed on the front and back yard needed a little more (some of it is coming up nicely), I decided to add a little more yesterday and covered it with fresh soil… I figured the light rain would be adequate that I wouldn’t have to water any of it. And an added bonus, I wasn’t almost run down by the young lady a second time as she juggled driving and applying her lipstick. (I guess there is a skill to that)


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