Are You Annoying Everyone With “Married” Facebook Posts?

Time for some facebook intel. And this is how you’re annoying all your married friends. Natasha Burton, social columnist says her list includes… here’s number one… using hashtags about how wonderful your life is, such as “best wife ever” or hashtag “my hubby is hot”. Annoying facebook habit two, making date nights on facebook; that’s what texting and phone calls are for says Natasha… we don’t need to see the couple’s debating what kind of restaurant to go to on facebook. And the final annoying married couple behaviour on facebook, fighting and then making up on facebook. Burton says do before bed or in front of your kids… like everybody else. So whatever you do, don’t tack on infuriating hashtags to your status updates to show everyone how amazing your life/spouse/marriage is, constantly gushing over each other or being a “fan“ of groups like “I Love My Husband”. As Burton says, “we get it, you`re married`.

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