Adjust Your Driving… Now

And yesterday’s weather had some freezing drizzle for a bit and maybe affected your driving plans. So, once again, we, perhaps, need a reminder again to drive extra carefully. A few bad driving habits I encountered last night, common enough year-round, but especially dangerous when the roads are snow-covered or icy, with, my first observation, some drivers tailgating… and the question, I always wonder, is, what’s that driver going to do if you have to stop unexpectedly and they need even more distance to stop with winter conditions (and we hope, they, at least, have winter tires)?

At one point, as well, where the road actually allowed me to get up to highway speed, a pickup truck passing me, doing at, oh, 120 at least, maybe, 130 klicks. I was rather surprised, being a pickup truck in particular, not to find it, at some point, in the ditch. So, if you need reminding, please try to make it a permanent habit to not tailgate and remember to drive according to road conditions. And if you don’t have winter tires on yet, please get them on.

(Image: The Family Handyman)

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